Taking ideas from travel, nature and interior design

My primary goal with my work is to connect to others' emotions by offering an intoxicating experience. I want people to continue to study my paintings over and over, always finding happy surprises hidden deep within the canvas.

My love for painting

As someone who is very interested in interior design, I have always had such admiration for the way a beautiful piece of art can give life to a space. I am in awe of the way a contemporary piece can turn a traditional room on its head.

I love the quiet nature of painting and rarely even listen to music while I'm working...I mostly rely on my imagination and the thoughts in my head to help lead the brush where it needs to go. I also find inspiration in my every day life: a friend's fabulous dress, or scouring design blogs or drawing on memories from a trip abroad or to the beach.


How I got started

Erin Donahue Tice is a self-taught abstract artist based in Austin, Texas creating original paintings for inspired collectors across the country. In 2023 she launched her debut collection of textiles and wallpaper. Her work has been featured in House Beautiful, Better Homes & Gardens, Traditional Home, Southern Home and Luxe Magazine.

Following a 12-year career in corporate PR, Erin started painting after the birth of her second son as both a creative and therapeutic outlet.

Erin with family

Erin's medium of choice is acrylics but she also experiments with mixed mediums. She is drawn to the object nature of abstract art and loves the free-flowing experience of creating something unexpected. From far away, her canvases appear to have sharp lines, yet upon closer inspection, the viewer discovers delicate marks and subtle shadows that gives each piece interest. There is almost always an undercurrent of both black and white within Erin’s pieces, which offers balance amid a mostly colorful visual experience. And every now and then, color is stripped completely to offer a stripped-down neutral palette and sense of calmness, reflective of the more serene experiences in my life.

Erin challenges herself by playing around with different elements, from layering paper, foam and cardboard onto canvases, to using acrylics, gouache, oil pastels, markers and charcoal to bring her pieces to life. She especially loves the process of marrying interior design with art and is passionate about working hand-in-hand with designers and clients alike to create a statement.

Erin also draws inspiration from her "happy place," The Hamptons, where she has spent her summers since 2010. She resides in Austin, TX with her husband Bill and their three little boys, William, George and Andrew.