Apparel Care Notes

Apparel Care Notes (Pajamas, Robes, Jackets, etc.)

For optimal care, we suggest washing your garments in cold water using a gentle/delicate cycle with a small load. You can either hang dry them or tumble dry on the lowest setting. If needed, lightly iron the scalloping to prevent rolling. To remove stains, use a non-bleach product sparingly, as excessive use may cause colors to bleed.

To minimize wrinkles, wash the garments in warm water (not hot) with a small load on the gentle cycle. Once the wash cycle is complete, promptly remove the items and turn them inside-out before hanging to maintain their shape. Light ironing, particularly on the scalloping, enhances the appearance of our cotton garments.

If your garment retains any residual scent from the dyeing process, adding distilled white vinegar to the wash can help neutralize the odor. Should this method prove ineffective, please reach out to us for further assistance.

Dry cleaning is optional for all our cotton garments and can help set the colors after the first wear/use/

In terms of stain removal, dye bleeding is uncommon but can occur, particularly with dark dyes like black, navy, deep red, deep purple, and dark green. To treat stains effectively, use a chlorine-free, oxygen-based stain remover like OxiClean or Shout in moderation. Avoid excessive use, as it may cause colors to run. Treat stains before drying, as heat can set them and make removal more challenging.

For those who prefer to avoid ironing, consider investing in a handheld steamer as an alternative for a quick and efficient wrinkle-free appearance.