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What's In for 2024

Step into the trends and lifestyle choices that define my 2024! This year is all about a holistic approach to well-being, kicking off each day with gentle workouts like mat Pilates and refreshing outdoor walks. Mornings are fueled by a green powder, colostrum, and water routine, providing a boost of vitamins and antioxidants. Family takes the spotlight as I prioritize intentional time with my children and husband through dedicated moments and exciting trips. Fostering deeper connections in smaller friend groups and surrounding myself with positivity become guiding principles. The power of manifestation shapes my positive mindset, complemented by a commitment to clean, delicious foods for nourishment. Embracing challenges and opportunities while balancing them with meaningful family time is the goal. In the design realm, I'm drawn to citrusy colors, the art of mixing eras, unexpected wallpaper placements, oversized and sculptural artwork, and the joy of entertaining at home. Join me in a year filled with positivity, intentionality, and stylish innovations!

Erin playing pickleball
1. Incorporating gentle workouts and outdoor walks:
Integrating 20-30 minute at home workouts like mat Pilates, barre, or nature walks into my routine for physical and mental well-being. I love Savor + Sweat for at-home workouts!

2. Starting each day with a green powder, colostrum and water routine:
Kickstarting my mornings with green powder mixed with water for a boost of vitamins and antioxidants.

Erin and her three sons
3. Prioritizing intentional time with my children and husband:
Scheduling dedicated quality time with each of my children and husband (date nights and couples trips) to strengthen bonds and create lasting memories. Portugal is on my list!

Erin and friends out to dinner.Erin and friends at Blackberry Farm
4. Cultivating deeper connections in smaller friend groups:
Fostering meaningful relationships by focusing on a smaller circle of friends, allowing for deeper connections and genuine interactions.

5. Surrounding myself with positivity—more fountains, fewer drains:
Choosing to be around people and environments that uplift and inspire me, minimizing exposure to negativity.

6. Embracing the power of manifestation for a positive mindset:
Practicing positive thinking, visualization, and setting intentions to cultivate a mindset that attracts positivity and success.

A clean, delicious meal from Blackberry Farm
7. Choosing clean, delicious foods for nourishment:
Opting for a balanced diet with whole, nutrient-dense foods to nourish my body and support overall health. I love Sakara for quick re-sets and clean eating.

8. Saying yes to challenges and exciting opportunities:
Embracing new challenges and opportunities, but always prioritizing and balancing these with meaningful family time and commitments. I want to launch more table linens, women’s apparel and children’s wear this year!

A tables cape by Erin with citrusy colors9. Citrusy colors that make me happy
Think lemon, tangerine, blood orange, and key lime green. Can’t wait to create some yummy textiles in these hues

10. Mixing Eras
A little old, a little new, a little something in between - all together in one space, but carefully done with a lot of restraint.

Erin testing out a sample of her Antonia wallpaper in green
11. Wallpaper in Unexpected Areas
My favorite pops of wallpaper are unexpected. I love a wallpaper ceiling, bookcase, angled ceilings in small attic-type spaces, or even covering up a vent cover. It’s a little touch of luxury.

One of Erin's large paintings
12. Oversized Art
Go big or go home. Enough with small art- invest in large, stop-you-in-your tracks artwork that becomes the focal point of your space.

Pieces from Erin's new series of sculptural artwork.
13. Sculptural Artwork
Think textural, sculptural artwork that is neutral in tone, yet bold and interesting for the eye. This type of artwork goes with everything and can be a game changer for modernizing a traditional space.

Erin's dining room set up for a dinner party
14. Entertaining At Home
After the Pandemic all I wanted to do was go out again. But I’m swinging back to wanting to entertain at home. My dining table seats 8-12 and I love hosting intimate dinner parties in the comfort of my own home.