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Tastemaker Interview: Charli Evans

Charli Evans, a Georgia-based tastemaker and soon-to-be mom of two, shares her lifelong passion for fashion rooted in her stylish upbringing. Growing up in Milton, GA, and starting her career in event planning, Charli now navigates the realms of content creation and influencer marketing, embracing a relaxed style and a love for vibrant colors. From her eclectic decorating approach to her go-to travel destinations and family traditions, Charli gives us a peek into her dynamic life. She also discusses her love for hosting gatherings, pickleball fashion, and shares an upbeat playlist for the spirited game. Offering tips on refreshing homes on a budget and highlighting preferred shopping spots, Charli unfolds the layers of her distinctive lifestyle.

Charli Evans

1. Tell me a little bit about how you initially became interested in fashion. 
I can’t remember a day when I wasn't in love with fashion. My mom was always dressed well & was into shopping, so naturally I followed her lead. I loved stealing clothes from her closet, which (sadly) led to having expensive taste at a young age haha. She always taught me to buy quality over quantity, so I would work jobs around the house to afford the clothes I really wanted. Also, girl math started at a young age... if I bought things on sale I was actually SAVING money, right?!

Charli Evans with the EDT x Tangerine pickleball paddles.

2. Where did you grow up and what did you want to be when you were older?
I grew up in Milton, GA, which is a large suburb of Atlanta.
My mom is an interior designer and artist, so as a child, I always knew I wanted to do something creative and entrepreneurial as an adult. I started my career in Event Planning and have touched on a few different jobs & have owned a few businesses since. At this phase of my life, I know I love owning my own business, and feel lucky to have found a career path in fashion that meshes so many of my passions and strengths. Content creation and influencer marketing is so much more than meets the eye - its really hard work, but wonderful as it can mold with your lifestyle, ever changing tastes, and doesn’t put you in a “box” (which is important for my gemini personality). I am excited for my future in this career and can’t wait to look back years from now to see how I have grown and changed.

Erin's fabric in Charli's bathroom

3. How would you describe your style in one word?

4. Can you pinpoint some distinctive elements that are a signature of your fashion or decorating style?
To pinpoint my decorating style, I lean toward a collected look. I love mixing old and new and collecting special pieces along the way. I think when you mix decor from different time periods, it makes a room interesting and you end up really loving each and every piece!

Erin's fabric on a throw pillow in Charli's homeInside Charli Evans's home

5. Do you prefer color or neutrals?
I admire neutrals, but I am always drawn to color!

6. What are your top 5 places to travel?
My go-to destination for a weekend away is Rosemary Beach on 30A. A few other places I have loved & that we plan to return to are... Turks & Caicos, Bahamas, Italy, & France.

7. What is one thing you ALWAYS pack when going on a trip?
A speaker! What is a trip without music!

Erin's fabric used in Charli's bathroom

8. Do you have any traditions from your childhood that you have passed on to your family today?
We don’t have too many major traditions at this point - I feel like we are in the phase of making them. I think something I am trying to instill with my family is celebrating the little things & making those small moments worthwhile!

9. Do you have any tips to refresh your home without breaking the bank?
Come up with an ideal plan for the room you are looking to refresh before you buy! Do not impulse purchase home goods without a plan & save for what you really love. You will end up saving in the long run! Buy a little at a time. If there is a dupe that can save you & give you the look without compromising quality, go with that. If you truly love everything you buy vs. just “filling space”, you will end up loving your home!

Close up of Erin's fabric in Charli's bathroom

Charli Evans with the EDT x Tangerine pickleball paddles.10. Pickleball fashion seems to be a thing with its unique style. Do you have a favorite or lucky outfit you wear when you're off the court, just soaking in the pickleball vibes?
I don't have a favorite outfit, but I do think wearing colorful athletic wear on and off the court makes the game more fun. BONUS if you match your paddle ;)

11. If you had to create a pickleball-themed playlist, what songs would you include to capture the spirit of the game?
The playlist must be upbeat & I admittedly am a lover of all things Taylor Swift & EDM - I would include a few songs like Roses by Chainsmokers, Higher Love by Kygo, and literally anything by Taylor Swift!

Charli Evans with the EDT x Tangerine pickleball paddles.

12. What do you like to do in your free time?
I absolutely love to host people I love and make delicious meals! It brings me so much joy to bring people together & build memories around mealtimes.

13. Do you have any favorite or go-to brands that you like to shop at?
Shopbop is a go-to for inspo! I love Modatrova for special pieces and to support smaller emerging brands.

14. Which Instagram accounts do you most enjoy following?
Transparently, I post more than I spend time scrolling. I feel it's healthier for me to be “in and out” with Instagram for keeping my content fresh & true to myself. With that said, I don’t religiously follow anyone, but I love connecting with other creatives and brands on the app, & grab inspo from a variety of places! I will say, I do love @juliaberolzheimer - I admire so much of what she has created!

Charli Evans with the EDT x Tangerine pickleball paddles.Charli Evans with the EDT x Tangerine pickleball paddles.Charli Evans with the EDT x Tangerine pickleball paddles.Close up of Erin's fabric in Charli's bathroom


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