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New Pieces

I've been quietly working on a variety of pieces in my studio since last spring, and sometimes the pieces I create aren't necessarily perfect for a specific collection. As you know, I love to flex my style - moving between bright and colorful pieces to neutral textural pieces to monochromatic pieces, and everything in between. So these particular canvases have kind of been hanging out, waiting for the right moment.



I decided to poll y'all on Instagram this week to see if you'd like to see some of these "one-off" pieces on my site, or if you'd rather wait for them to fit into a collection, and your overwhelming response was "Post them NOW!"



So that's what we're doing today. Three new canvas pieces are now available on my site. I love each of these pieces for some many reasons, but mostly because they are all SUPER unique, and somewhat of a departure from my "typical" work. Two of the pieces are very geometric in style, flanked by lacquered white float frames for a very modern look, and the third piece is very blue and green, almost masculine in style, with a very thin gold frame.



As always, each piece was created with mountains of layers, and mountains of love. I hope you find something you love.