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A Fabulous Reunion: My Girls' Trip to the Hamptons

There's something truly magical about reuniting with your college besties. The bonds we formed during those unforgettable years are nothing short of extraordinary. So, when the opportunity came to bring together ten of my closest sorority sisters (many whom I hadn’t seen in over a decade) together for a girls' trip to my home in East Hampton, I couldn't resist. While I knew we’d be bunking up and sharing rooms “sorority style,” I also knew it would be an unforgettable reunion filled with laughter, delicious food, wine, and unforgettable memories. In this blog post, I'll take you through our itinerary and share some tips on how to make your own girls' trip just as unforgettable.

Erin and her friends on her girls' trip

Preparation: Plan Ahead

One of the keys to a successful girls' trip is careful planning. We wanted to make sure that our reunion would be a time when most of us could be together. So, we began our preparations a whole year in advance. I texted the group and sent out an electronic poll that allowed everyone to mark their preferred dates. This collaborative approach allowed us to select a timeframe that suited most of us.

We ultimately settled on a Tuesday to Friday timeframe. This choice was strategic as it allowed us to accommodate the moms in the group. Traveling during the weekdays, while the kids were in school, made it easier for many of us to join. Our year of anticipation was certainly worth it, as it set the stage for our reunion and we had so much fun texting with each other on our group text chat leading up to the trip.

Table setting

Playing Host: Arriving a Day Ahead

In order to ensure everything was organized and ready to go, I arrived Monday (in a rain storm, no less!), a day ahead of everyone, to ensure everything was set up ahead of time. I ordered Instacart to be delivered the afternoon I arrived, and I also had time to pop by the local grocery store to grab some flowers for DIY arrangements to brighten up the house. 

Another pro tip that a friend recommended was hiring a caterer to drop off delicious and homemade breakfast items to keep stocked in the fridge for everyone to nibble on. I found Hamptons Party People who prepared a delicious assortment of items including French Toast Casserole, gluten free blueberry muffins and homemade granola.  

The house was clean, the rooms were ready, and the pantry was stocked with all our favorite snacks and drinks. This extra preparation allowed me to focus on creating an environment where everyone could relax and enjoy themselves from the moment they arrived. I also took myself out for a skinny margarita and kale salad (and fries) from one of my local faves, East Hampton Grill.

Welcome snacks

Tuesday: The Reunion Commences

Our adventure began with everyone arriving from various airports and modes of transportation, some in small groups, representing 8 different states all together! Within minutes of seeing one another, we fell right back into place, picking up right where we had left off. It’s funny to realize how 20 years can go by, but not much changes! Since the journey out to the Hamptons can be a long one, I knew everyone would be hungry upon arrival. I prepared a few low-key charcuterie boards and an assortment of snacks and beverages in the kitchen for people to snack on. As the first arrivals trickled in, we nibbled on delicious bites, sipped wine, and caught up on everything under the sun.

After a few hours to relax and settle in, we all ventured to nearby Serafina, a staple Italian restaurant that graciously accommodated our party of 11 (hard to find in the Hamptons, but easier during the “off season.”). The restaurant was buzzy for a Tuesday night, and we all dressed up for the occasion. We attempted to go to the Talkhouse for a night cap, but after a ten minute Uber ride, realized they were closed (one of the downsides to planning an “off-peak” girlcation). It was for the best, and we came back to the house and watched a slide show that one of the girls had put together, and were all in bed by 1 am (late for most of us!). 

Erin and her friends at the beach

Day 2: Beach Bliss & Clam Bar

The next day, the sun was finally shining, and we were ready for some active fun. A few of us started the day at New York Pilates for a challenging 45-minute reformer class. We then regrouped. Indian Wells Beach, where the sound of the waves and the salty breeze immediately put us in vacation mode. After taking countless selfies, we took a brief walk around Amagansett for some shopping and exploration.

Lunch was a quintessential seafood feast at the iconic Clam Bar. With the weather being the restaurant’s all-outdoor seating was perfect for us to linger over a few bottles of wine. Many of the girls had only been to the Hamptons for my wedding back in 2014, so it was fun for them to experience the Hamptons a different way, without all of the wedding festivities blocking out the weekend.

Erin and her friends in matching pajamas

Dinner at home by a private chef

Night 2: Pajama Night and Dance Party

For our second night, we opted for an entirely different kind of fun. We decided to have an at-home pajama night with the help of a private chef, Janet O'Brien Caterers & Events (who also did my wedding, and we can never get enough of her delicious dishes). What was meant to be a relaxed evening of culinary indulgence soon turned into an impromptu dance party. And we were all wearing matching Hamptons Toile pajamas by Katie Kime (these come in a lot of different cities/themes!).

We devoured exquisite farm-to-table dishes and danced the night away to our favorite tunes from the early 2000s. This spontaneous dance party was a testament to our everlasting friendship and ability to get a party going wherever we are!

Erin and her friends at their pajama night dinner

Day 4: North Fork Wine Tasting

Thursday took us on a delightful journey to the North Fork for some wine tasting. We hired North Fork Wine Tours to plan the entire excursion for us. Because the North Fork wineries are boutique and small in nature, this company specializes in accommodating larger groups and setting up appointments at vineyards who can handle a party of 11. A sprinter van picked us up in East Hampton, and 90 minutes later we were tasting wine. The three vineyards we visited included: Osprey's Dominion, Pindar and Duck Walk. The company  also pre-ordered food for us and we were able to eat it at one of the wineries. Even though the weather was chilly and less than ideal, and the wineries were very low key and casual, we honestly could have been ANYWHERE. It was fun spending the day together, telling old stories and catching up. 

Erin and her friends out to dinner

Tips for Planning Your Own Unforgettable Girls' Trip:

  • Pre-order Food and Wine: Use services like Instacart to pre-order your food and wine, ensuring that you have a fully stocked and hassle-free experience.
  • Hire a Cleaning Team: Arrange for a cleaning team to come to the house daily to keep things tidy while you're out exploring the area. We had a team come twice during our stay to freshen up the kitchen, bathrooms and beds, and again after we left to do a deep clean. This way, you can focus on making the most of your trip.
  • Dress for a Theme: One friend had the excellent idea for all of us to pre-order matching pajamas and to wear them to dinner the night we stayed in. We opted for Kate Kime Hamptons Toile pajamas which was so fun (and cozy!). Everyone likes a theme, so give people one and they’ll get on board.
  • Delegate Responsibilities: Assign different tasks to each friend to make the planning and execution smoother. One friend created a slideshow of all of our old photos, and another made goodie bags filled with fun treats like face masks, scrunchies, and candy.
  • Agenda and Dress Code: Providing an agenda ahead of time helps communicate the plans to everyone. I created a cute itinerary with a Hamptons theme using Zazzle. I also provided  dress code tips in advance so everyone was on the same page and knew how to pack.

Our girls' trip to the Hamptons was a whirlwind of fun, laughter, and unforgettable moments. With a well-planned itinerary and a touch of personalization, you can create your own fantastic adventure with your college buddies. Cherish the bonds you've built, and remember that time apart only makes reunions sweeter.

Erin's friends at the pajama night dinner

Erin's friends at the pajama night dinner

Erin and her friend at the pajama night dinner

Erin's friends at the pajama night dinner